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For us each pacient represents a unique individuality therefore our services are customized and are not limited to a strictly medical approach.

We are looking forward to meet you!


You are welcome to visit our dental cabinet, located in the very centre of the city. All services are provided by dental specialists that use state of-the-art equipment for your confidence. We provide customized treatment in a friendly and relaxing environment.

Our staff, having a professional experience of over 10 years and multiple specializations in Germany, offers a wide range of services, such as:

Hand made profilaxy of the dental cavity - sealing the grooves and dental fossets, professional fluorization

Fixed metaloceramic protetic works on a gold-platinum or Rhemanium infrastructure

Dental cosmetics - ceramic inlay and facets, physionomic adhesive restorations, professional bleaching

Laser treatment -for affections of the oral mucous membrane and for stimulating the cure after surgery

Protetic restorations on fixed dental implants or complex mobilizable suprastructures

Dental surgery - sinus lifting, bone addition, inside-the-bone dental implants

Orthodontics - Brackets (fixed), mobile devices Parodonthology

Modern conservative therapy (Odontology) Childrens" dental care

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Str. Dr. Felix nr. 41
Sector 1 Bucuresti
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+4 021 317 63 75
+4 021 318 36 88

+4 0722 35 99 68

Monday-Friday : 8.00-19.00